The sermons preached at the 5PM service, podcast.
Drew studies this passage from Exodus and correlates Israel's Covenant with God to our New Covenant, and considers the privilege it is that we sinful people can be in a relationship with a Holy God.
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Phil Britton takes us back to the series on Exodus to discuss the fact that the Law protected the vulnerable, revealing that God is a God for the vulnerable and therefore caring for vulnerable people should be our concern too.
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A topical Sermon regarding the appropriate attitude to the Catholic Church's World Youth Day being held in Sydney in July.
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The second of two sermons about overcoming spiritual depression that were preached to all the services.  This week Barry studies the prophet Elijah's struggle with depression.
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Barry puts the Song of Songs series on hold to encourage people who are feeling depressed because of their failure.  He holds Peter up as an example, following his denial of Christ.
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