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This week Drew explains how Grace is God's Riches at Christ's Expense and how it impacts us throughout our Christian lives - in our salvation, temptation and in relation to the world around us.
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What is doctrine? Is it morality? Liturgy? What about theology? Drew establishes what doctrine is, and explains how to apply what was taught in the time of the New Testament to our post-modern lives.
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Nothing to do with fresh eggs, fine flour or boiling, salted water, Drew unwraps what Paul had to say to Titus about elders and leadership and discusses what he meant by blameless. The beginning of a series on Titus entitled Leadership Lived Out.
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Barry speaks about miraculous healing by the laying on of hands. He explains how this corresponds with medical healing and looks at its place in the contemporary western world.
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Bishop Rob Forsyth visits to reiterate the invitation of Christ to come to Him, and to urge us to take it up. He reveals what the text tells about who is invited, who it is that invites, and what the invitation is to do.
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