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Phil Britton explains Paul's caution against judging based on human connections. God is the perfect judge and will expose the motives of the heart; humility has to triumph over pride because we are nothing without Christ.
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Jon speaks about the futility of applying the wisdom of this world, explaining how it will face judgement by God, that it won't deliver the things we seek and that we already have more from God than we could gain ourselves.
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Returning to the 1 Corinthians series, Barry expounds that we should give careful consideration to our contribution to building God's people because the work that Christians do in ministry will be judged.
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Barry speaks topically about what he terms "Body Life," following on from last week's exhortation to love, he looks at the dynamic fellowship experienced by the early Church animated by the Holy Spirit. He hilights the challenge of maintaining a balance between sound biblical theology and openness to the Spirit of God.
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Barry digresses briefly from the series on 1 Corinthians to discuss how love for each other should be demonstrated in Christian lives.
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