The sermons preached at the 5PM service, podcast.
Jon studies Paul's pragmatic approach of being a slave to all people so that he can make the Gospel accessible to them as well as enslaving himself so that on the final day he may share the prize of being reunited with his brothers and sisters in Christ.
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Bishop Rob Forsyth visits and preaches for the confirmation service this week at Sunday@Seven and also therefore at 5PM.  He tells that the Christian believer in this world faces serious struggle and conflict of the nature of a spiritual battle, but has the remarkable promise that she or he can withstand it by relying on the invincible power of Christ.
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In a similar vein to last week's talk about freedom, Jon discusses Paul's exposition about how he is not paid for his Gospel work though it is his right.  Rights are given by God, but we are free to relinquish them for the sake of sharing the Gospel.
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Jon continues the series on 1 Corinthians, explaining why knowledge puffs up but love builds up. Christian freedom should not be flaunted before other Christians with less trained consciences if it causes them to stumble.
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Phil returns to the "pulpit" to explain Paul's statement that Christians do not engage in sexual immorality. He demonstrates that Christianity is not purely intellectual, but that the reality of our restoration involves our actions and corporeal beings. (Apologies for the small drop-out in the middle of this file)
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