The sermons preached at the 5PM service, podcast.
This week at 5PM there was a special guest service for the baptism and dedication of many of the children recently born to the congregation. Barry describes the way that the existence of God is revealed to mankind and that He is a God who is an interesting, holy and loving Father who invites us to come to Him.
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Kicking off this quarterly prayer week, Barry examines the relationship between prayer and the gift of the Holy Spirit put forward in Luke. We can ask for the Holy Spirit and He will be given to us, bringing us the full experience of the love of God and applying His power to the works of evangelism that we carry out.
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Barry continues to speak on Paul's warning to the Corinthians to flee from idolatry because it is attractive and dangerous. When we participate in the Lord's Supper, we put our faith in Jesus and our sins are cleansed by his blood, but when involved with idols, demonic influence can be encountered.
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Barry amplifies Paul's warning to the Corinthians to avoid idolatry and sexual immorality. He warns us to be on our guard as they are strongly seductive and that we not put God to the test by seeing how close we can get to temptation.
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