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Phil speaks on Psalm 96, explaining that we must sing of our great God, because singing involves our whole person and we should experience being caught up into something bigger than ourselves.  The context into which we are saved is that we become a piece of God's great cosmic story and it is His intention that we sing his salvation song into eternity.

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It is explained in 2 Kings 17 that Israel were defeated and removed from Samaria as a judgement because they were unfaithful, unholy, unrepentant in spite of warnings and untrusting of the Lord. But Jon points out that similar judgements could be made against us if we too don't listen to the warnings, repent and take the offer of salvation.

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King Ahaz of Judah began a relationship with Assyria to ward off his northern invaders, but he soon found that keeping Assyria happy required a reconfiguration of his other relationships – including his relationship with God. This is the binding nature of relationships – they each require faithfulness to their own terms, but they also each exert an influence on all the others. Jon calls for a careful assessment of all our relationships.

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Jon asks the question, in ancient Israel, what made the difference between a good king and a great king? Azariah was a good king, but he wasn't great because although he wasn't bad and he sought God, he didn't have an all or nothing attitude and he was proud, trusting in his own strength and attempting to approach God on his own terms.

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Returning to the series on Kings, Chris Gray speaks on the lacklustre reign of Amaziah who was not a bad king, but was not totally devoted to the Lord. Chris explains that whole-hearted devotion to God matters because it is the very least that God expects of us and because God's people need His guidance.

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Larry visits from Greenacre to speak on the passage in Mark where Jesus looks toward the suffering that he will face on the cross, and prays that though he doesn't want to do it, he will obey the Father's will. Larry indicates that if we are to truly follow Christ, our whole lives will be our ministry and in this we will do hard things that we don't want to for the benefit of others.

(Note that this recording contains a fairly explicit description of the torture of Jesus)

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Barry presents the challenge: give up something legitimate for a period of time to pray and spend time with God. God will reward us when we fast by granting a deeper intimacy with Him, giving guidance and Spiritual power. If we fast and pray, God will grow the Church powerfully and resolve the issues that it keeps in the focus of our prayers.

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Barry speaks on Peter's denial of Christ, and applies his experience to our proclamation of Christ in a world that hates Him. Peter failed because he was afraid, confused about Jesus' identity and didn't pray. However, Christ expects us to be faithful to the point of death, to be confident we must have a strong conviction that Jesus is God and died for our sins and we need to pray so that we can witness powerfully.

(This sermon is from the series being preached on Mark at The Good Shepherd Anglican Church at Greenacre)

Follow this link for the sermon that Barry preached on the Theology of Dating at the 7PM service this week.

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Jon discusses the tension between our freedom of choice and God's control over the future. God doesn't need us to be on side to achieve his plans but He wants us to be involved by showing that we trust Him. We should live as though everything depends on our involvement but remember that God will do all He wants with or without us.

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Phil says that sometimes getting close but missing the mark can still be great failure - Joash did right in the eyes of the Lord but still fell short and the priesthood and Judah were in decline in spite of such potential. Jesus is the one who fulfills the dreams and expectations that are not met and seem to slip away in this passage and He alone makes up for the fact that we all fall short of the glory of God.

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Jon demonstrates that God keeps his promises of extinction and survival: nothing is left to chance although it looked uncertain at the start of the passage, by the end the last surviving member of Ahab's family whom God had promised to destroy had been made extinct and Joash was spared by divine planning for the survival of the line of David.  God is so committed to judgement that he won't even hold it back from his Son, his Justice is certain, even if the timeframe is not clear, but He also offers rescue from the Grave through Jesus and His plan will always prevail to preserve His people.

(This recording was made at the 7PM service because of technical difficulties)

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Last week we looked at picking sides on a national level, but this week it becomes personal as Jon studies the zeal of Jehu who we meet in 2 Kings 10. So does our zeal show that we are on God's side or does our jealousy for the Lord pale in comparison to our passion for sports or other aspects of our lives?

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Jon peels back the layers of 2 Kings, chapter 8, studying the elements of recovery from illness, the rise of a dictator and God's omniscience to find that God is revealed to have the power and influence to manipulate all nations to achieve his ends. We may be tempted to ask if God is on our side but the question we and all nations should be asking is whether we are on His side?

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Bishop Robert Forsyth reflects on the prayer he will pray for the confirmees at the 7 o'clock service tonight - that they may daily increase in the Holy Spirit. He shows that Jesus explains that the Holy Spirit's work is to guarantee the truth by which we are saved, enabling us to be born anew through the Spirit and maintain our relationship with the Father and our transformation through Christ.

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Phil extracts from the extraordinary series of events surrounding Ben-Hadad's siege of Samaria that God is faithful and true to His word, of massive weight and able; that people are blind to our faults and untrusting of God. Relationship with God is everything, we ought not think too highly of our own significance and God choses to use seemingly unworthy people for His plan. As we enjoy the plenty we have found living under Christ we do wrong if we don't share the Gospel.

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Janson speaks about how Israel had turned away from the Lord who loved her to worthless idols and did not seek after the Lord in her time of trouble. We were created to reflect the glory of God but if we throw that away for worthless things then we become worthless and meaningless ourselves.

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Larry says that Naaman went to Elisha because he had built the reputation of helping people in their time of need. Because Elisha met his physical need in the name of God, Naaman turned to follow the Lord and God can use us to bring people to Him when we show His love by helping people.

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David Ford explains how the the miracles that Elisha performs are designed to increase the faith and deepen the understanding that people have of God. He comments that these miracles are a foreshadowing of the greater miracles that Jesus would do in His own power so that people would believe He was the Son of God.

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In order to help resist the temptation to fall into "story mode" in our study of Kings, Jon reminds us that we live in the same reality, progression of time and world of the history documented in the Bible. Moreover we live under the same God at work in the events that happen in this world.

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When God takes Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind, it is clear that Elisha will now take up his ministry. Jon looks at the application of the ideas of succession that are presented, as will soon be needed at St James. Emotional attachments to past leaders can be strong, but when they move on it is a time for us to step forward and through God's strength be fruitful in our own right.

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Sometimes the message from God is loud and clear, but we simply don’t want to hear it. For example, scripture tells us that man is sinful, but this is an unpopular view in our post-modern world. Jon studies a rebellious king trying to resist God’s Word but in the end God’s word stands, and the king only confirms how just God’s decision was in the first place.

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Jehoshaphat was the son of Asa, the first of the reformer-kings. And like his father, Jehoshaphat is given a rosy commendation: “he did what was right in the eyes of the LORD”. Jon takes us into his back-story, where we find a distinctive kind of reform – one based on the systematic teaching of God’s people from his word.

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Barry tells how it is important to seek wisdom from God in the decisions we make in our whole life as well as decisions made about Christian work. He looks at the distinguishing marks of the false and the true prophecies made in the passage - the true prophets are generally a minority who believe the truth, speak what needs to be heard and confront people with the reality of God and what He requires.

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Barry comments that God reveals himself through creation and miracles and other ways, but that He also shows himself to be the Lord with a display of power as when He gave Ben-hadad's army into the hands of Ahab. It is generous for God to convincingly show himself to be who He is so that we can be certain in our faith - we are still fighting in the battle that God will win for his Glory.

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Larry explains that Ahab sinned and was covetous of Naboth's vineyard because he had no love in his heart for the living God. We also look for pleasure in sin because we don't trust that Jesus is all we need. The choices we make reveal how much we love Jesus, if we are humble and repent we will be shown mercy as Ahab was.

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Barry speaks on how to deal with depression brought about by a sense of failure about ministry work and life lived serving the Lord, examining the time Elijah felt this way about his work for God.

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Jon explains how an international drought, a widow's son raised from the dead, and the impending defeat of the prophets of Baal are all part of God's plan to woo his people back to him. He does this in three ways: by disciplining his people, by defeating his enemies, and by demonstrating his power.

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In around 880 B.C., the prophet Elijah was the minority, because the bulk of Israel had switched to worshiping Baal. So in 1 Kings 17 the author asks if Yahweh is the right god to be backing, and if so, who speaks for Yahweh? For Christians feeling more and more in the minority Jon issues a timely reminder that safety is not always found in numbers.

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Drew preaches his last sermon at the 5PM Service, part of the series on Kings. He takes a large slab of the book - explaining the lessons that can be learned from the bad examples set by the kings from Nadab through Ahab.

(The Bible reading is not included since it was not recorded because it was read off-mic)

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In our passage this week, we meet Asa, the first reformer king.  Despite his failings, the overall comment on Asa is that he was ‘fully committed to the Lord all his life’.  With that model before us, Jon helps us look at how a commitment to reform is at the heart of commitment to God.

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Barry affirms that being in the powerful presence of God is pleasurable and good, the Jews could experience this because He put His Name in Jerusalem. However, Rehoboam and Judah abandoned the Law of the Lord, doing evil that seemed attractive and popular but that weakened and compromised them, provoking the Lord to jealousy.

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Barry continues the series on Kings, observing how Jeroboam turns back to the God whom he knows to be true when he really needs him but his long-term unfaithfulness is repaid.  We must consistently trust in the one true, living and powerful God who loves us and provides for us.

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Stephen Lungu is the International Team Leader of African Enterprise. When asked "What do you do?" he says without hesitation "I am an evangelist and I preach the word of God to bring people to Christ." On Wednesday, 19 May 2010 he spoke at St James Croydon whilst he was visiting Australia from Malawi. Stephen Preached from Mark 10:46ff and gave his testimony about how God miraculously took his life as a gang leader and terrorist and transformed him into the passionate believer and missionary he is today.

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Barry speaks on the prophecy by the man of God from Judah against the idolatry that was taking place under Jeroboam, highlighting the importance of obedience to God even when it appears by human standards to be disadvantageous.  It is important to be convinced of the truth of the Gospel and to be always be guarded against temptation to fall into sin.

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Barry reflects on the failure of Rehoboam to make a wise decision resulting in devastating consequences and considers what the principles should be that will guide us in the decisions we make. Advice should be sought from wise, older people, it is important to listen to people and understand how they feel and to have an attitude of service.

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Phil preaches in the series on Kings. Solomon, having seen the highest point in the nation of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Lord because his heart had turned away from the Lord. The challenge is put: what do we value most?

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Jon talks about the mission of attraction that is the major Old Testament mode of evangelism – outsiders being attracted to God’s people and being drawn inward to join in the covenant. In the New Testament, of course, the gospel spreads outward with the apostolic missionaries, but at the same time, there is still an in-drawing mission, as Christians live attractive lives which cause people to ask the reasons for the hope that they seem to have.

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Jon expounds the answer to Solomon's prayer over the Temple where God warns Solomon that, if he wants Israel to remain within the covenant and experience its blessings, he should continue his faithfulness both in his character and his actions. Ominously, however, God also lays out the path of apostasy, which foolishly invites destruction and exile, along with mockery from all those who witness such a leap from grace.

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Returning to the series on Kings, Jon studies Solomon's prayer of dedication over the temple, explaining how the temple is a reminder that God keeps his promises, is the focus of God's attention on Earth and is the way to access God with prayers of repentance. He discusses how this is relevant now under the new covenant.

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Barry speaks topically for Easter Sunday on the passage at the end of John when Jesus asks Peter three times whether he loves Him. He challenges us, do we love the Risen Jesus?

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Barry speaks about how the Temple allowed Israel the opportunity to marvel in the presence of the Glory of the Lord. All the energy, work and activity that goes into running a church is in vain unless it causes people to experience God and delight in His presence.

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Phil Britton takes us on a tour through history from Abram until the Ark was placed in the Most Holy Place in the Temple to provide a sense of how significant the latter moment is to Israel. The ultimate glory of the Lord was with his people in its right place, but now we are the temple where the Spirit manifests the same presence in us and with us.

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Alan Mugridge examines the first chapter of Ruth, a story of how two women faced tragedy, and discusses what we can learn from the way they did this. Naomi and Ruth put their faith in the Lord and had hope in spite of the hard times they faced.

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Barry looks at the prosperity and security of Solomon's reign that resulted because he and David put God first, and concludes that if we make God our top priority He will be with us and we will prosper.

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The wisdom of Solomon is universally celebrated, but the Bible is clear that it is God-given. Solomon's real wisdom is that he asks for discernment in order to serve God faithfully. And so God rewards this godly motive with a God-like gift of wisdom, as well as great prosperity.

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Jon expounds David's final words to Solomon, where he urges Solomon to fulfil his responsibilities to maintain the spiritual and political stability of the kingdom.

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In his final week at St James, Prash preaches a sermon reflecting on his experiences of Church and considers what Peter has to say about how Christians should live as the end of all things is at hand.

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Jon kicks off the series on 1 and 2 Kings studying the competition between the attractive, arrogant Adonijah and the humble Solomon to succeed David as King. Using God-centred criteria is key to evaluating our leaders, but the grace, humility and lineage in the passage all point towards a greater leader to come.

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Barry concludes his series on what will happen in the future with a sermon about using the gifts and opportunities that God has provided for his glory.

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Barry continues with the second sermon in his four-part series on what will happen in the future.

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Barry commences a brief series on what the Bible has to say about what is going to happen in the future. Jesus tells in general terms what we need to know about what will happen at the end times so we can live then as people of Christ - there will be signs that the Judgement for the rejection of Christ is coming, but Christians should not be frightened and should obey and trust God.
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In the first sermon of the new year, Barry proposes a reflection on God's work in the past and a rededication to serving only him. Christians must desire God with all our hearts and minds, mourning and seeking after God - if we are to return to the Lord, we must put away the idols in our way and expect God to work powerfully in our lives.
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