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The wisdom of Solomon is universally celebrated, but the Bible is clear that it is God-given. Solomon's real wisdom is that he asks for discernment in order to serve God faithfully. And so God rewards this godly motive with a God-like gift of wisdom, as well as great prosperity.

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Jon expounds David's final words to Solomon, where he urges Solomon to fulfil his responsibilities to maintain the spiritual and political stability of the kingdom.

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In his final week at St James, Prash preaches a sermon reflecting on his experiences of Church and considers what Peter has to say about how Christians should live as the end of all things is at hand.

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Jon kicks off the series on 1 and 2 Kings studying the competition between the attractive, arrogant Adonijah and the humble Solomon to succeed David as King. Using God-centred criteria is key to evaluating our leaders, but the grace, humility and lineage in the passage all point towards a greater leader to come.

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