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Barry speaks about how the Temple allowed Israel the opportunity to marvel in the presence of the Glory of the Lord. All the energy, work and activity that goes into running a church is in vain unless it causes people to experience God and delight in His presence.

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Phil Britton takes us on a tour through history from Abram until the Ark was placed in the Most Holy Place in the Temple to provide a sense of how significant the latter moment is to Israel. The ultimate glory of the Lord was with his people in its right place, but now we are the temple where the Spirit manifests the same presence in us and with us.

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Alan Mugridge examines the first chapter of Ruth, a story of how two women faced tragedy, and discusses what we can learn from the way they did this. Naomi and Ruth put their faith in the Lord and had hope in spite of the hard times they faced.

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Barry looks at the prosperity and security of Solomon's reign that resulted because he and David put God first, and concludes that if we make God our top priority He will be with us and we will prosper.

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