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Jon talks about the mission of attraction that is the major Old Testament mode of evangelism – outsiders being attracted to God’s people and being drawn inward to join in the covenant. In the New Testament, of course, the gospel spreads outward with the apostolic missionaries, but at the same time, there is still an in-drawing mission, as Christians live attractive lives which cause people to ask the reasons for the hope that they seem to have.

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Jon expounds the answer to Solomon's prayer over the Temple where God warns Solomon that, if he wants Israel to remain within the covenant and experience its blessings, he should continue his faithfulness both in his character and his actions. Ominously, however, God also lays out the path of apostasy, which foolishly invites destruction and exile, along with mockery from all those who witness such a leap from grace.

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Returning to the series on Kings, Jon studies Solomon's prayer of dedication over the temple, explaining how the temple is a reminder that God keeps his promises, is the focus of God's attention on Earth and is the way to access God with prayers of repentance. He discusses how this is relevant now under the new covenant.

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Barry speaks topically for Easter Sunday on the passage at the end of John when Jesus asks Peter three times whether he loves Him. He challenges us, do we love the Risen Jesus?

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