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Barry affirms that being in the powerful presence of God is pleasurable and good, the Jews could experience this because He put His Name in Jerusalem. However, Rehoboam and Judah abandoned the Law of the Lord, doing evil that seemed attractive and popular but that weakened and compromised them, provoking the Lord to jealousy.

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Barry continues the series on Kings, observing how Jeroboam turns back to the God whom he knows to be true when he really needs him but his long-term unfaithfulness is repaid.  We must consistently trust in the one true, living and powerful God who loves us and provides for us.

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Stephen Lungu is the International Team Leader of African Enterprise. When asked "What do you do?" he says without hesitation "I am an evangelist and I preach the word of God to bring people to Christ." On Wednesday, 19 May 2010 he spoke at St James Croydon whilst he was visiting Australia from Malawi. Stephen Preached from Mark 10:46ff and gave his testimony about how God miraculously took his life as a gang leader and terrorist and transformed him into the passionate believer and missionary he is today.

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Barry speaks on the prophecy by the man of God from Judah against the idolatry that was taking place under Jeroboam, highlighting the importance of obedience to God even when it appears by human standards to be disadvantageous.  It is important to be convinced of the truth of the Gospel and to be always be guarded against temptation to fall into sin.

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Barry reflects on the failure of Rehoboam to make a wise decision resulting in devastating consequences and considers what the principles should be that will guide us in the decisions we make. Advice should be sought from wise, older people, it is important to listen to people and understand how they feel and to have an attitude of service.

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Phil preaches in the series on Kings. Solomon, having seen the highest point in the nation of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Lord because his heart had turned away from the Lord. The challenge is put: what do we value most?

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