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Jon explains how an international drought, a widow's son raised from the dead, and the impending defeat of the prophets of Baal are all part of God's plan to woo his people back to him. He does this in three ways: by disciplining his people, by defeating his enemies, and by demonstrating his power.

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In around 880 B.C., the prophet Elijah was the minority, because the bulk of Israel had switched to worshiping Baal. So in 1 Kings 17 the author asks if Yahweh is the right god to be backing, and if so, who speaks for Yahweh? For Christians feeling more and more in the minority Jon issues a timely reminder that safety is not always found in numbers.

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Drew preaches his last sermon at the 5PM Service, part of the series on Kings. He takes a large slab of the book - explaining the lessons that can be learned from the bad examples set by the kings from Nadab through Ahab.

(The Bible reading is not included since it was not recorded because it was read off-mic)

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In our passage this week, we meet Asa, the first reformer king.  Despite his failings, the overall comment on Asa is that he was ‘fully committed to the Lord all his life’.  With that model before us, Jon helps us look at how a commitment to reform is at the heart of commitment to God.

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