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David Ford explains how the the miracles that Elisha performs are designed to increase the faith and deepen the understanding that people have of God. He comments that these miracles are a foreshadowing of the greater miracles that Jesus would do in His own power so that people would believe He was the Son of God.

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In order to help resist the temptation to fall into "story mode" in our study of Kings, Jon reminds us that we live in the same reality, progression of time and world of the history documented in the Bible. Moreover we live under the same God at work in the events that happen in this world.

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When God takes Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind, it is clear that Elisha will now take up his ministry. Jon looks at the application of the ideas of succession that are presented, as will soon be needed at St James. Emotional attachments to past leaders can be strong, but when they move on it is a time for us to step forward and through God's strength be fruitful in our own right.

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Sometimes the message from God is loud and clear, but we simply don’t want to hear it. For example, scripture tells us that man is sinful, but this is an unpopular view in our post-modern world. Jon studies a rebellious king trying to resist God’s Word but in the end God’s word stands, and the king only confirms how just God’s decision was in the first place.

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Jehoshaphat was the son of Asa, the first of the reformer-kings. And like his father, Jehoshaphat is given a rosy commendation: “he did what was right in the eyes of the LORD”. Jon takes us into his back-story, where we find a distinctive kind of reform – one based on the systematic teaching of God’s people from his word.

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