The sermons preached at the 5PM service, podcast.

Bishop Robert Forsyth reflects on the prayer he will pray for the confirmees at the 7 o'clock service tonight - that they may daily increase in the Holy Spirit. He shows that Jesus explains that the Holy Spirit's work is to guarantee the truth by which we are saved, enabling us to be born anew through the Spirit and maintain our relationship with the Father and our transformation through Christ.

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Phil extracts from the extraordinary series of events surrounding Ben-Hadad's siege of Samaria that God is faithful and true to His word, of massive weight and able; that people are blind to our faults and untrusting of God. Relationship with God is everything, we ought not think too highly of our own significance and God choses to use seemingly unworthy people for His plan. As we enjoy the plenty we have found living under Christ we do wrong if we don't share the Gospel.

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Janson speaks about how Israel had turned away from the Lord who loved her to worthless idols and did not seek after the Lord in her time of trouble. We were created to reflect the glory of God but if we throw that away for worthless things then we become worthless and meaningless ourselves.

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Larry says that Naaman went to Elisha because he had built the reputation of helping people in their time of need. Because Elisha met his physical need in the name of God, Naaman turned to follow the Lord and God can use us to bring people to Him when we show His love by helping people.

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