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Jon discusses the tension between our freedom of choice and God's control over the future. God doesn't need us to be on side to achieve his plans but He wants us to be involved by showing that we trust Him. We should live as though everything depends on our involvement but remember that God will do all He wants with or without us.

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Phil says that sometimes getting close but missing the mark can still be great failure - Joash did right in the eyes of the Lord but still fell short and the priesthood and Judah were in decline in spite of such potential. Jesus is the one who fulfills the dreams and expectations that are not met and seem to slip away in this passage and He alone makes up for the fact that we all fall short of the glory of God.

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Jon demonstrates that God keeps his promises of extinction and survival: nothing is left to chance although it looked uncertain at the start of the passage, by the end the last surviving member of Ahab's family whom God had promised to destroy had been made extinct and Joash was spared by divine planning for the survival of the line of David.  God is so committed to judgement that he won't even hold it back from his Son, his Justice is certain, even if the timeframe is not clear, but He also offers rescue from the Grave through Jesus and His plan will always prevail to preserve His people.

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Last week we looked at picking sides on a national level, but this week it becomes personal as Jon studies the zeal of Jehu who we meet in 2 Kings 10. So does our zeal show that we are on God's side or does our jealousy for the Lord pale in comparison to our passion for sports or other aspects of our lives?

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Jon peels back the layers of 2 Kings, chapter 8, studying the elements of recovery from illness, the rise of a dictator and God's omniscience to find that God is revealed to have the power and influence to manipulate all nations to achieve his ends. We may be tempted to ask if God is on our side but the question we and all nations should be asking is whether we are on His side?

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