The sermons preached at the 5PM service, podcast.

Phil Britton speaks on Jesus' most heroic hour, when He faces the subversion of truth and justice while the religious and political leaders attempt self-preservation. Jesus is our representative as he is willingly a victim of evil, suffering and pain and submits himself to the sins of others in order to serve.

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Jesus has been displaying God to the world, but now that He is about to leave, He prays that God will continue to be revealed. Jesus prays for the revelation of God's glory by His life, death and delivery of eternal life, by the power of God's name, and by unity amongst his followers.

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Chris Gray preaches about Jesus' teaching to the disciples that they will endure grief and trouble in a world that hates them before they will rejoice when they see Him again. (Apologies for the late posting of this podcast, this is the sermon given to the 7PM congregation).

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In Barry's final sermon to the 5PM Service, he speaks on the vital role of the Holy Spirit. Jesus tells that we are better off for His leaving because he sends the Holy Spirit who applies the salvation secured by Christ.

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Barry speaks about many aspects of the love of Jesus for His friends - as He moves towards His crucifixion, Jesus speaks about His love because it is of primary importance. We need to let the love of Jesus soak into us and it must become the motivation in our work for Him.

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Barry expounds that this passage answers the question we are all asking: "How can I live a productive life that is at the same time eminently satisfying to myself?"

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Jon speaks on the presence that Jesus will be sending to those who love Him. The disciples are troubled that Jesus is leaving, but Jesus promises that He will send the Holy Spirit so He will not be an absent leader - He is present in His people in the form of the Holy Spirit.

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Visiting once again for the 7PM Confirmation service, Bishop Rob Forsyth speaks on the parable of the sower, discussing the challenge that it puts to the reader: how do you respond to hearing the Word of God?

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Phil Britton speaks on this passage in John and connects its details into the bigger picture that John paints of Jesus. Jesus is God and will be glorified, the work He does in paying the ransom for our sins is unique, but He sets the example for how to live.

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Barry explains that Jesus washing the disciples' feet is an example of how we should relate to others by humbly meeting one anothers' practical needs. We need to understand what Jesus has done for us, that He is the Saviour from sin and to commit ourselves to Him.

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