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Traditions are very important to us, so it’s no surprise that differing traditions often butt heads and cause controversy. For the early church it was controversial for non-Jews to simply be baptised as Christians without also taking on Jewish tradition. For Meredith's baptism service, Jon takes us back to God's word and says that whatever tradition it follows, baptism should remind us of the cleansing power of Christ.

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Phil looks at the reign of Josiah and draws attention to the fact that people all need renewal - we are fickle, distractible and easily tired, though we desire to seek after God. When the word of God comes, we should listen attentively to it and submit to it, particularly when it says we're in the wrong. When we are spiritually renewed, we will worship God publicly and invite other people to worship Him too.

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Barry looks at the example of Manasseh, who was one of the most evil kings, rebelling against the religion of his father and conforming to those around him by worshiping false gods. However, in his time of crisis he turned to the Lord and he was forgiven though he was bloodthirsty. There is only one God, Jesus is His Son and we are to serve Him and receive forgiveness through him.

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Barry studies Hezekiah's prayer for healing that he makes after Isaiah prophesies that he will die. He concludes that God is in control and He loves us and encourages us to pray to Him - when we do, we need to be specific, to make sure we are devoted to God, obedient and are earnest in our prayers.

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Resuming the series on Kings, Barry speaks about the opposition that Judah was confronted with from the Assyrians and how Hezekiah responded by trusting in God for deliverance. He applies the lessons from the passage to our situation - we are also under siege and attacked in many ways and we must resist these attacks though surrender can seem appealing.

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