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Barry takes the feeding of the five thousand as an example of ministry, showing that evangelism must be done in love, and that it should not only include teaching but we should expect impossible, miraculous things to be a part of it.

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Chris Gray explains the reasons why we need to accept Jesus as Lord of our lives: The evidence is strong - Scripture testifies about Him and we can experience the power of the risen Jesus, the consequences of not accepting Him as Lord are too great.

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Evangelist and African Enterprise Malawi Team Leader Enoch Phiri visits the 5PM service this week as a special guest speaker. Speaking on the Great Commission, he underlines the fact that making disciples is the core business of the Church and that the Gospel still works - we should not make the mistake of not sharing the Good News with other people. For more information on African Enterprise, visit

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Barry expounds the passage where Jesus heals the disabled man at the pool of Bethesda on the Sabbath. Jesus healed the man because He loved him, and He loves us too, ministry to people who are poor and needy is very precious to God. Jesus offers to make us well, physically, emotionally and spiritually, if we want.

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