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Jon croaks his way though a discussion about why Jesus doesn't reveal who he is with power to win over his opponents at every opportunity. Jesus’ younger brothers offer him some PR advice, but he postpones, knowing that when he finally goes public, the reaction will not be a following but a lynching.

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Phil Britton speaks about the observation that believing in Jesus is a hard teaching, being saved will require walking a hard road. There is only one belief that will stand the test: Jesus is the one who is sent by God and real, fulfilling, eternal life is in His Name.

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Eating is believing. Jon speaks about what John has to say about believing - For John, faith is a verb. Seeking is believing, working is believing, seeing is believing, learning is believing – even eating and drinking are believing. But every time, the object of the verb is Jesus himself.

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Jon Speaks about how the disciples react to Jesus walking on water. Fear is a symptom of unbelief, but the solution is to recognise Jesus and love Him.

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