The sermons preached at the 5PM service, podcast.

Phil Britton reflects on how Christianity defines our identity as loved children of God, forgiven and called, existing to receive God's Love and forgiveness and respond with gratitude and humility as imperfect beings.

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Steve Ryman speaks about how Jesus brings peace and is the answer to our our fear, His resurrection gives us great hope of eternal life.

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Chris Gray speaks on the Resurrection of Christ. He explains that the resurrection is an historical fact, but it should affect us personally.

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Colin Bale will be acting rector while St James awaits the appointment of a permanent senior minister. Colin speaks through John's narrative of the crucifixion, noting John's focus on it being the execution of God's plan as evident in the scriptures and that it is the death of the King.

Thanks also for your patience with the recent mis-ordered and late uploading of these podcasts, I apologise that this will continue for the next four weeks, after which I hope to get back on track.

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Barry's last sermon preached to the congregation of St James at a combined evening service about Jesus' exhortation to His disciples to be persistent in prayer.

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