The sermons preached at the 5PM service, podcast.

Alan commences his preaching ministry at St James at the beginning of Mark's Gospel.

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Phil Britton concludes the series on Acts, ruminating on the elements of the text which describe the foundational realities, truths and behaviours that have been essential to the Church since its establishment.

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Jon says that in Acts 4:1-22 we meet the first clear signs of opposition to the cause of the gospel. And their failure is epic: they arrest the Apostles, but thousands are added to the cause. They question them, but can’t answer them. And they threaten them, but are forced to release them.

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Malcolm Richards is the General Secretary of CMS and preaches that when we become a disciple of Jesus, He wants us to enter into that with our eyes open about what we are getting into.

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Colin preaches on the occasion when the lame man is healed in the name of Christ, serving as an illustration for Peter's sermon that Jesus is the one whom the Old Testament was waiting for. 

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