The sermons preached at the 5PM service, podcast.

Following this week's sermon, Alan speaks on the future direction of St James, highlighting 3 key priorities which will inform our decision making. This includes specific details for the 5PM service.  

Caution: the date and time of the meeting referred to in this podcast may change to the following week.

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Alan concludes the 4-part series on the church by explaining why we should be concerned about reaching those who don't know Christ.

Part 2: the future direction for St James follows in a separate post.

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Why does the Church focus on ministering to the outsider? Alan posits that the bible's emphasis on outreach is communal.

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Alan continues the short series on the Church, considering the attitude we should have towards the Church in the light of the fellowship being God-given.  

(Due to a recording issue, this is the version of the sermon preached to the 10:30am service, which is the reason for the 10:30 references instead of 5PM for which I apologise)

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Alan begins a 4-part series on the Church, highlighting that we are saved by God into fellowship with others He has also saved.

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