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Josh Reeve preaches Paul's thankfulness for the church which is God-centred, other person-centred and Gospel-centred.

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In the final instalment in the series on Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, Jon points out that we can learn about the fellowship of the early Church from the greetings at the end of the letter: they value personal, meaningful communication and lovingly tell the truth. The letter ends with a greeting of grace, reminding that it is only by God's strength that anything can be accomplished.
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Jon explains how the local church has a role as a service station to Gospel workers. Missionaries need support in various practical and emotional areas and churches need to provide somewhere for them to fill up and stop-revive-survive so that they can carry out their work effectively.
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This week, Jon studies how Paul deals with the question of how the resurrection will happen to Christians. He then goes on to look topically at common questions that people have about what the bodies we will have after death will be like and how that affects the way we should live now.
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Prash tells that we must believe in the resurrection of Christ because the ministry of the Apostles testifies to it and relies upon it; if we cannot accept the physical resurrection of Christ from the dead then we have no assurance of his power over sin or death. If we can comprehend the resurrection, then we understand our place in time and the significance of everything in our lives in comparison to Christ.
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Barry studies Paul's exhortation to the Church at Corinth to hold firmly to the Gospel. For our souls to be saved, we must receive and shape our lives on the truth that Christ died for our sins and was raised again.
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Barry amplifies Paul's argument that the gift of prophecy is superior to the gift of tongues because it increases people's understanding of spiritual things, whereas tongues is unintelligible and should not be used in public meetings. Tongues bring advantage to the speaker's spiritual growth while everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort.
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Drew confronts us with the truth Paul puts to the Corinthians: that no matter how successful they appear, unless our ministries are built on love they are nothing and they achieve nothing.
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Barry expounds Paul's discussion of Spiritual Gifts, explaining that all gifts are valuable and contribute to the body of God's people.
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Barry explains the biblical basis for regularly giving money proportionally to income in support of Christian people and ministries.
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