The sermons preached at the 5PM service, podcast.

For the final 5PM Service, Jon brings an encouragement from Hebrews to remember what we have endured in the past and persevere in doing the will of God.

Thanks for listening. After 271 podcast sermons, I'm going to take a break while we work out how this podcast fits in to the new structure of St James. The rest of the series on 1 Thessalonians can be heard at  

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Jon puts the challenge: what are we doing to sure up our own spiritual maturity? Our own hard work, training ourselves to distinguish good from evil, is one of the means God uses for our spiritual growth.

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This week at 5PM there was a special guest service for the baptism and dedication of many of the children recently born to the congregation. Barry describes the way that the existence of God is revealed to mankind and that He is a God who is an interesting, holy and loving Father who invites us to come to Him.
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