The sermons preached at the 5PM service, podcast.

Alan studies the birth of Jesus and sees how Herod is threatened by his arrival and that there are some darker aspects to this story which is often treated sentimentally. Includes Christmas spoilers exclusive to the 5PM service.

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Alan concludes the Promises series - the promises are fulfilled when Jesus comes to take away the sins of the world.

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Chris Gray explores what it really means to follow Jesus in the light of the account of the calling of the first disciples.

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Visiting once again for the 7PM Confirmation service, Bishop Rob Forsyth speaks on the parable of the sower, discussing the challenge that it puts to the reader: how do you respond to hearing the Word of God?

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Evangelist and African Enterprise Malawi Team Leader Enoch Phiri visits the 5PM service this week as a special guest speaker. Speaking on the Great Commission, he underlines the fact that making disciples is the core business of the Church and that the Gospel still works - we should not make the mistake of not sharing the Good News with other people. For more information on African Enterprise, visit

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Barry presents the challenge: give up something legitimate for a period of time to pray and spend time with God. God will reward us when we fast by granting a deeper intimacy with Him, giving guidance and Spiritual power. If we fast and pray, God will grow the Church powerfully and resolve the issues that it keeps in the focus of our prayers.

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Barry concludes his series on what will happen in the future with a sermon about using the gifts and opportunities that God has provided for his glory.

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